About My Company

As a breast cancer survivor, I took a closer look at products my family and I use every day.  Whether it is around the house or on our skin. The skin is the biggest organ on our bodies. Everything we put on our bodies it is absorbed into the bloodstream. As I Began my research I found that some of the chemicals in the products I have in my home and most people have in theirs have 3 important facts

1) ingredients I can't pronounce 2) most products contain  a lot of alcohol and 3) Chemical agents that play a big part in the rise of cancer deaths around the world each year.


So one day I asked myself  is this something I wanted family and friends to continue to be expose to?  And the answer was my inspiration to start this journey to make my own products. Creating making my own skin care products that my family and yours I believe will not only be happy with but also healthier.

Our products are natural, paraben free, organic and good for the whole family.

Smooth Serenity believe in nutrients, not toxins bathe, pamper and protect your body with beautifully healthy products packed full of nutrients and antioxidants to help you feel and look fantastic.

We use Organic Coconut oil, Raw Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil, Organic Coco Butter, and Avocado oil.