About Me

As a breast cancer survivor, I took a closer look at products my family and I used every day; whether it was around the house or on our skin. Out of all the organs in our body the skin is the biggest. Everything we apply to our skin is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. As I began my research, I found that some of the chemicals in the products, I own in my home and most people have in theirs had 3 important facts

1) Ingredients I cannot pronounce 2) Most products contain a lot of alcohol 3) Most importantly they contain Chemical agents that play a big part in the rise of cancer deaths around the world each year. So one day I asked myself "Is this something I want my family and friends to continuously be exposed to?"  And the answers lead to my inspiration to start this journey to make my own skin care products. Products that I believe will provide you with happier and healthier skin for you and your whole family, 

 Our products are all natural, organic, vegan, paraben free, and safe to use on the whole family and the whole body. We use all Natural and Organic, Coconut oil, Raw African Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil, Coco Butter, and Avocado oil.